An in Office event celebrating Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day!

Stephanie Beidler, MD and staff held an event in their office at 1900 W. Wall St in Midland to support BRA Day or Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day! This event highlighted many aspects of the practice in which women were able to learn more about ways to beautify themselves. With Breast Reconstruction on the agenda Julian Gold was in attendance with a “pop-up shop” so that women could do a little shopping as well as receive free bra fittings. Also on hand was our Allergan rep who spoke to several women about the implants and other products used in the process to reconstruct their breast after mastectomies. With great food and several great learning facets this event was immeasurably successful! Dr. Beidler and her staff would like to thank everyone who came out and to let them all know that we are here to support them in their journey through Breast Reconstruction!

See Images of the event below!