Breast Implant Shapes – Round vs Teardrop

Breast implants are made in round and teardrop shapes. Understanding the difference between these two designs is central to implant selection for breast augmentation or breast reconstruction.

Round breast implants feel softer and have a fluid shape compared to teardrop implants. When a patient is standing, the implant assumes a teardrop shape. This is due to the upper part of the round implant collapsing and the lower part filling with fluid. When a patient is supine, the breast implant flattens and moves toward the outside of the breast. These motions mimic a natural breast. However, round implants can also give greater fullness at the top of the breast (cleavage) compared to teardrop implants.

Unlike round breast implants, the teardrop implants are thinner at the top and gently slope to a fuller projection point near the bottom. This mimics the silhouette of a natural breast. These implants are designed to maintain their shape and are often called “gummy-bear” or “form-stable” implants. The teardrop implants are firmer to the touch and do not change shape as the patient moves.

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