Cellfina Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers

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Q: What results can I expect from Cellfina? 

A:  Results can be seen in as little as two weeks after the treatment. Results continue to improve over the course of the first year.

Q: How does Cellfina work?

A:  A numbing solution is injected to the treatment area. A small, needle-sized device is inserted just beneath the surface of the skin, which releases the cellulite-causing bands. Like a rubber band, the treated skin then bounces back and smooths itself out.

Q: How long does the Cellfina procedure last? 

A:  The one-time procedure takes roughly an hour to perform, depending on the number of areas being treated.

Q: What are the side effects from Cellfina?

A:   Tenderness and bruising are the most common side effects, which resolve quickly with time. Pain tends to be minimal.

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