Hand Rejuvenation in Dallas with Eskata

Our hands work hard every day. From dishes and laundry to texting and handshakes, our hands are tools that help us engage with the world around us. This is also why hands are often the first place we start to show signs of aging. We spend so much time worrying about keeping our face wrinkle free that we don’t pay enough attention to our hands. Sun-damaged, wrinkled, or veiny hands can make you look older than you are. If you find yourself discontented with the appearance of your hands, read on to learn more about your options for hand rejuvenation in Dallas.

One of the best things about hand rejuvenation procedures is that there are a wide variety of options.

If you are generally in good health and set realistic expectations for your treatment, you are most likely a good candidate for hand rejuvenation. You may want to consider hand rejuvenation if:

  • Your hands are wrinkled and the skin on your hands is thin. 
  • Your hands have sun damage or age spots. 
  • Your hands have prominent veins due to volume loss.

There are several different treatment options to consider when creating a treatment plan with Dr. Teotia. Most procedures are minimally invasive, but in some cases surgery to remove excess skin may be an option. The right procedure(s) for you will depend on the type of intervention that best suits your needs.

To minimize the appearance of protruding bones, tendons, or veins, there are a few treatment options. Fillers can be used to restore volume and improve the appearance of bulging veins. Similarly, fat injections can also be used to create smoother, more youthful-looking hands.

For lines, wrinkles, and discoloration or sun damage, there are also several possible options to consider. Eskata is an FDA-approved topical treatment for raised age spots on the hands, also known as Seborrheic Keratoses (SK). A second topical option is the chemical peel, which can correct discoloration and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your hands. With topical treatments, patients experience very minimal (if any) downtime.

In the case of very loose and wrinkled skin, Dr. Teotia may recommend skin excision. Because this is an invasive procedure, you will be sedated. A small incision is made where the wrist meets the hand and excess skin is removed before the incision is sewed back together. In most cases there is minimal scarring, and any scarring can easily be covered by a watch or a bracelet.

The major benefit of hand rejuvenation procedures is that there are a wide variety of options available so you can get the care you need to fit your specific aesthetic goals. If you’re looking for a female plastic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. Teotia and her experienced staff will be able to provide insight into the procedures that will be most valuable to you. These procedures are often simple and will give your hands a smoother, healthier appearance.

There are some important things to keep in mind when considering hand rejuvenation treatment. It may take multiple procedures to produce the desired effect. The best results will likely involve a treatment plan that combines a few of the above-mentioned procedures. This will take time and patience to make sure you get the results you want. After treatment, you may also experience some swelling and bruising that will limit hand use during recovery. You can expect bruising and swelling to diminish after two weeks and your hands should be fully healed by eight weeks after the procedure.

Dr. Teotia and her team are experienced in providing expert, individualized care for every patient. If you have noticed a loss in volume or an increase in veins and wrinkles in your hands, hand rejuvenation may be the perfect way to restore your hands to a more youthful appearance.

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