How to Treat Cellulite With Cellfina

You have spent hours working to shed pounds and sculpt your silhouette through a traditional diet and exercise regimen. However, even after reaching your target weight, you are still frustrated by unsightly cellulite on your thighs, buttocks, hips, or stomach, marring your otherwise smooth skin with its bumpy, “orange-peel” look and feel. Almost every woman deals with cellulite at some point in her life, and though it is harmless, it can make you embarrassed to wear your favorite clothes or reveal your skin in intimate moments.

Unfortunately, cellulite also tends to stubbornly linger, despite how diligently you work to maintain your ideal weight. Even slim, physically fit people can struggle with cellulite, so if you have it, it is not because you failed to put in enough work on the treadmill. Cellulite’s uneven texture happens because of a buildup of fat cells between the fibrous bands that connect your skin and muscles. The fat pushes your skin outward, while the fibrous tissues pull areas of your skin inward, causing unwanted lumps.

Say Goodbye to Your Cellulite

You might have tried various topical creams, skin wraps, or deep tissue massages in hopes of reducing your persistent cellulite, only to be disappointed when you did not see a distinct change. Currently, there is no effective over-the-counter remedy for smoothing uneven, dimpled skin. However, that does not mean you are out of options for reducing cellulite.

Recent innovations in cosmetic medicine have brought us various minimally invasive slimming technologies for cellulite reduction. One such breakthrough is called Cellfina – one of Dr. Teotia’s tried-and-true treatments for improving cellulite’s appearance and creating smoother, healthier-looking skin for years to come.

How Does Cellfina Work?

Before the procedure, Dr. Teotia will mark the treatment area, then administer a numbing solution. While a suction device lifts your tissue at the point of the cellulite dimple, a microblade the size of a fine needle will loosen the tension on the fibrous bands beneath your skin. Like releasing a stretched elastic band, the targeted skin will bounce back to a smoother texture.

During the procedure, you may feel some suction from the Cellfina handheld device, but there should not be any discomfort. Afterward, you may experience minor bruising, tenderness, and soreness in the treated area, which should resolve on their own after a few days.

Where to Get Cellfina in Dallas, Texas

Are you looking for a one-time cellulite treatment with results you will love for years? Dr. Stephanie Teotia and her experienced, all-female team are here to serve as your trusted partners at every step of your aesthetic journey.

Whether you are considering a minimally invasive procedure like Cellfina on its own or in combination with offerings such as a mommy makeover, butt augmentation, or body contouring, Dr. Teotia is an experienced, board-certified physician who can make your aesthetic goals a reality. As a leading female plastic surgeon, Dr. Teotia knows how vital it is for women to love their appearance, radiate confidence, and feel beautiful from head to toe. She takes pride in her ability to deliver those benefits to each patient. Contact us today to schedule your in-person or virtual consultation today.