Curbside Botox

Curbside Botox in Dallas, TX with Dr. Stephanie Teotia

Do you notice your frown lines when you are on Zoom? Are you overdue for Botox but fearful of entering a medical practice without absolute necessity? Dr. Stephanie Teotia has the solution for your Botox® needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Stephanie Teotia, a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Turtle Creek, Oak Lawn, and the greater Dallas area, is ready to keep you safe with Curbside Botox. Contact her caring, all-female staff today at (214) 823-9652, or schedule a consultation to learn more!

What is Curbside Botox?

Curbside Botox is the safest way to receive Botox injections during the COVID-19 pandemic. The process is simple and fast. Dr. Teotia’s practice has a private parking lot adjacent to her practice. Prior to the Botox appointment, patients sign consent forms provided by the practice. Dr. Teotia meets each patient at his or her car. Both Dr. Teotia and the patient wear masks during the interaction. After the patient’s temperature is taken and the medical history is reviewed, the Botox injection plan is discussed. The Botox is then injected while the patient remains in his or her car. Payments are made via credit card. Post Botox instructions are emailed following the appointment.

Your Consultation Awaits!

More and more patients throughout the Dallas area are choosing Dr. Teotia for her incredible results, care, and partnership. Dr. Teotia’s team genuinely cares about her patients and their safety! We invite you to contact her caring staff today, at (214) 823-9652, to schedule your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Curbside Botox

No. Botox results should be seen within a week of the injection.

COVID has stretched all of us in new and different ways. Prior to COVID, Dr. Teotia would never have imagined treating patients in this manner. However, many patients remark that they appreciate the efficiency and safety of Curbside Botox.

Dr. Teotia will perform Curbside Botox as long as it is not raining or snowing.

Let's Start a Partnership!

Dr. Teotia believes during every aspect of your aesthetic journey, trust and communication are essential. When you choose to partner with Dr. Teotia, you can expect a personalized approach from a specialist who genuinely has your best interest in mind. She invites you to meet with her and our friendly, all-female team to learn more about what we can do for you.