Permanently Reduce Underarm Sweat, Odor and Hair with FDA-Approved MiraDry

January 28, 2019

reduce underarm sweat

It’s not unusual to produce underarm sweat when you find yourself in a nerve-wracking
situation, when you’re exercising, and in the midst of a warm environment. It is unusual to sweat
nonstop and uncontrollably. This condition is known as axillary hyperhidrosis, with “axillary”
referring to the body region and “hyperhidrosis” referring to the increased output of sweat. This
problem can be annoying and quite embarrassing, but treatment with MiraDry can now reduce
underarm sweat and unwanted odor and hair in the region as well.

In mammals, sweat glands can be one of two types of skin excretory glands in the body.
Controlled by the sympathetic nervous system (regulates temperature), eccrine sweat glands
secrete water to the surface of the skin when the body’s internal temperature increases. The sweat
should then evaporate. When eccrine glands are active over the entire body, they function as
thermoregulatory devices, or in other words, tiny devices that help to keep the body at an
appropriate temperature.

The other type of sweat glands, known as apocrine sweat glands, repeatedly secrete a fatty sweat
into the gland tubule. Typically associated with hair follicles, apocrine sweat glands are most
concentrated in the underarm and genital regions. When activated by emotional stress, the tubule
walls will contract, which will push the fatty secretions to the skin. The local bacteria proceed to
break down the secretions, which creates the odorous smell. Although only about 2% of all sweat
glands in your body are located in the armpit, when they’re overactive, they can cause a great
deal of embarrassment and stress.

Humans are designed to sweat; we’ve been created to self-regulate, which is amazing.
Thankfully, antiperspirants are a fantastic product that can help to control sweating, but
sometimes, they can’t provide everything that an individual requires. There are stronger clinical-
strength antiperspirants, but sometimes these don’t even do the job. When antiperspirants don’t
live up to their name, it’s time to try something different.

The only FDA-approved treatment that can permanently decrease underarm sweat, odor and hair
in one application is known as MiraDry. The purpose of this innovative technology is to
eliminate the odor and sweat glands in the axillary region. Sweat glands don’t have the ability to
regenerate, so once they’re gone, they are gone for good. Sweat stains will be down for the

The procedure requires only one appointment, making it easy and convenient for patients. The
first step taken by the provider is drawing a temporary tattoo on the underarm area which will
designate the area on which the MiraDry is applied. Once the tattoo is drawn, the targeted area
will be numbed with a local anesthetic. The handpiece that is specific to the MiraDry technology
is then placed on the tattooed area. When activated, MiraDry technology pulls the glands closer
to the surface of the skin, which ensures optimal results. The final step takes place when the
thermal energy is administered, which eradicates the sweat and odor glands. Simultaneously, the
technology will cool your skin to ensure comfort.

A majority of patients report little or no pain and an immediate ability to return to normal
activities. Exercise can typically be continued within a few days. Some side effects that may be
experienced for a few days following treatment include swelling, numbness, bruising, and
sensitivity in the axillary region.

Because only a small percentage of sweat glands exist in your armpit, eliminating them will not
adversely affect your ability to sweat elsewhere. You will continue to sweat a normal amount
elsewhere, but you’ll experience decreased sweating under your arms. With one treatment,
MiraDry has been proven to reduce underarm sweat by 89% and underarm odor by 82%. A
small percentage of patients require a second treatment.

Excessive underarm sweating is an embarrassing bodily function that most people find quite
bothersome. After trying a variety of antiperspirants that don’t seem to work, MiraDry is an up-
and-coming technology that has promising results. If you think MiraDry might be right for you,
contact our office for a consultation.

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