3 Reasons Winter Is the Best Time for Plastic Surgery

The holiday season is upon us, and the official first day of winter is less than a month away. Winter conjures thoughts of snow days, comfort foods, and cozy nights curled up by a crackling fireplace. But did you know winter is also an ideal time to get plastic surgery? Read on to learn more about why Dr. Stephanie Teotia and her team recommend scheduling face, breast, and body procedures during the winter. 

1. More Time to Focus on Your Recovery

Many people’s hectic schedules slow down as the year comes to a close. Kids being out of school means you don’t have to spend time helping them with their homework or shuttling them back and forth between extracurricular activities. You may also have fewer pressing professional commitments like meetings or presentations. 

Most plastic surgery recoveries require you to take at least one full week away from work. Why not time your procedure to coincide with the built-in days off that usually accompany the winter holidays? That way, you can save your hard-earned vacation days for something exciting during spring or summer break. 

2. Get Ready for the Year Ahead

Speaking of warmer weather, having surgery in the winter is an excellent way to pave the groundwork for any spring or summer vacations you might have planned in 2022. Whether you are dreaming of a class reunion, a relaxing beach getaway, or an active trip with family or friends, you can look forward to winter even more by getting surgery to achieve the facial or body contours of your dreams. You can confidently show off your new look when the time comes.

3. You Can Stay Inside More 

The typical cold-weather wardrobe includes lots of sweaters and scarves, even indoors. These heavier items of clothing are ideal for concealing residual swelling and bruising, as well as any compression garments and other items that might be a required part of your personalized post-surgery plan. 

In addition, the shorter days of winter give you more incentive to stay indoors and rest. This helps you avoid excessive sun exposure that could hinder your healing process and darken any remaining scarring left from your chosen procedure. You will likely feel less motivated – or obligated – to do any outdoor activities until the weather warms up and there are more hours of daylight. Settle in at home, surround yourself with your favorite leisure activities, and hibernate a little while you let your body heal. Taking ample time to recover will help minimize potential complications and ensure a more stress-free post-surgical period. 

Plan Your Wintertime Plastic Surgery Today

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