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Stephanie Teotia, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stephanie Teotia is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who provides individualized care and exceptional service to her patients in Flower Mound, TX, and the surrounding areas. Dr. Teotia maintains mastery in facelifts, neck lifts, blepharoplasties, brow lifts, breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and more.

Recognizing each patient for their unique qualities, Dr. Teotia works closely with her patients to address their needs through cosmetic, reconstructive, and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Teotia’s patients love the environment of professionalism, warmth, and partnership that she and her all-female team foster in their practice daily. We invite you to read Dr. Teotia’s bio page to learn more about her.

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Serving the Dallas Fort Worth Area

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat, skin, and tissue from the breasts. This procedure is most commonly chosen by women looking to ease pain or discomfort from overly large or heavy breasts. Breast reduction can also provide a breast size that is more proportionate to the rest of the body and lifts the breast position on the chest wall. Additionally, patients frequently regain confidence, the ability to participate in more physical activities, and more. Learn more about breast reduction by following the link below.

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Cellfina® is a minimally invasive procedure designed to diminish the appearance of cellulite dimples on the thighs and buttocks. The goal of Cellfina is to carefully break the connective bands beneath the skin that cause cellulite dimpling. After one treatment, Cellfina can provide significantly smoother skin with minimal downtime and discomfort. Learn more about Cellfina by following the link below.

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This woman is incredible. She’s thorough, kind, intuitive, focused, and professional. She makes you feel so secure and safe, and her entire office is accommodating, empathetic, and effective. There aren’t enough stars to describe this refreshing, resolute, and masterful person.

- Kevin S.



Dr. Stephanie and her team are extremely welcoming, knowledgeable, and take the time to answer all your questions. I love their office, it's a converted old home with a comfortable atmosphere. There is no judgment and their whole team makes it clear they are there to help. I would highly recommend Dr. Stephanie and her staff!

- Danielle W.



Outstanding credentials and experience; Dr. Teotia and staff are professional as well as warm and caring. She will take any amount of time to explain procedures and any needs. Great experience! Great results!

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- Susan K.



Dr. Teotia and her staff are like family! I'm so happy with my results and I'll definitely be a repeat client.

Sheila Marie



As a patient of Dr. Teotia, I would recommend her to anyone in need of cosmetic surgery or procedure. Dr. Teotia's credentials and experience are impressive. Dr. Teotia and her staff make you feel very special and take any amount of time needed to answer questions or needs. Dr. Teotia's combination of experience and empathy is a unique combination that made my surgery a wonderful experience.


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