Dallas Liposuction for Men

Not surprisingly, the most troublesome area of fat accumulation in many men is the abdominal area.  In the abdomen, there are two separate layers of fat, but plastic surgery focuses on the permanent removal of subcutaneous fat, or more simply, the layer of fat directly under the skin.  The specific plastic surgery procedure for removal or reduction of abdominal fat is known as liposuction.  Over the past several years,  liposuction for men, as a solution to their trouble spot(s), has been increasing.  Liposuction has a low risk of complication and minimal post-surgery scarring, making it a popular way to improve one’s physique.

Many male patients report that despite regular exercise and a balanced diet, there are still parts of their body where they cannot lose the fat.  The most common areas are the flanks, more commonly known as love handles, the chest, and the abdomen.  Other areas where this procedure is performed include the chin, back, cheeks, neck, upper arms, buttocks, hips, and calves.

The skin on the flanks and sides of the abdomen tends to be thicker and more elastic, therefore it will shrink down post-surgery.  The removal of abdominal fat typically does not cause problems, but the elasticity of the skin plays a significant role in the aesthetic outcome.  After abdominal liposuction, both the size and thickness of the waistline decrease, leading to a smooth, thinner, and V-contoured upper body.

Liposuction can also be used to treat Gynecomastia, or increased size of male breasts.  As long as the patient has good skin elasticity in this area, liposuction can normally be used alone to treat this condition.  It is recommended that candidates for liposuction be close to their weight loss goal as well as in good health with no critical medical conditions.  Liposuction is not a procedure that is meant to take the place of losing weight, but it is an efficient way to remove localized fat accumulation, specifically fat that is unresponsive to diet and exercise.

You may be asking why more men have become interested in liposuction.  Like women, men place value in their appearance.  Due to more male-specific surgery techniques being available, the number of men seeking plastic surgery is increasing, especially because they can attain that ideal physique.  Every man has a personal reason for plastic surgery, whether it is to gain confidence in their dating life, job, or to be able to play comfortably in the pool with their young children.

Two of the most common liposuction surgery techniques include the tumescent, laser-assisted liposuction (LAL), and power-assisted liposuction (PAL).  As stated before, there are minimal risks involved with liposuction.  Sometimes, bruising, swelling, and mild irregularities can occur after the surgery.  Typically, there is a minimal scarring due to small incisions that are used.

When the procedure is completed, the patient will have a compression garment wrapped around him which decreases the swelling and bruising and helps produce the desired aesthetic outcome.  This surgery is usually performed as an outpatient surgery, unless there is a substantial amount of fat being removed.

Within six weeks post-surgery, men are normally wearing smaller shirt and pants, but this will vary based on each patient’s anatomy.  Patients can normally return to work within four to seven days following the surgery, but are instructed to refrain from more strenuous activity for about two to four weeks.  Once the surgery is performed and the fat cells are removed, it is imperative that the patient continues or starts healthy eating and exercise habits in order to maintain the results.

It is highly recommended that prospective patients seeks out a plastic surgeon that is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  When meeting for a consultation, a patient should expect to be asked about his goals, current diet and exercise plan, and his interest in being a candidate for liposuction.  The physician will do a physical examination to decide whether the patient is a good candidate for liposuction and what method would work the best.  Once the doctor recommends the best surgical method, risks and outcomes will be discussed.  The cost of liposuction can range from anywhere between $2,000 and $7,000 depending on which liposuction technique is necessary, the specific case, and any additional techniques or surgeries.

The patient should choose a doctor that makes him feel comfortable asking personal questions and one that puts him at ease.  In and around the Dallas area, it is easy to find a suitable plastic surgeon who is experienced with male liposuction.