Dallas Plastic Surgeon Makes Patients Feel at Ease in Home Office Environment

When patients arrive for their first appointment with Dallas Texas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Teotia, the majority are instantly pleasantly surprised by our beautiful, cozy office space. Our office is not located inside a typical, standard medical pavilion building, but is instead located within a warm, elegant, fully-renovated, spa-like, bungalow-style house conveniently situated in the Oak Lawn Uptown area of Dallas. We wanted our office to feel more like home than the typical sterile, clinical office environment that tends to make patients feel nervous and stressed out about their procedures. We want our patients to be able to truly relax and feel as content and comfortable as possible before, during and after their cosmetic surgery procedures.

We never want our patients to feel fear or even apprehension once they’re inside our office.

We aim to exceed their expectations at every encounter and strive to provide a calming, spa-like experience complete with complimentary beverages and warm slippers and robes to wear in lieu of traditional hospital gowns. Returning patients have told us that they actually genuinely look forward to attending their appointments with Dr. Teotia due in large part to the lovely home office environment where they are free to fully relax and be themselves.

“We want to provide a very safe, relaxed atmosphere for patients where they feel at home. At home, that’s where we all let our hair down and kick off our shoes and that’s how I want our patients to feel here,” Dr. Teotia explains.

Dr. Teotia also explains that she wants to help encourage patients to take all the time they need to carefully consider and talk through why they want to pursue cosmetic procedures and whether it’s a decision that will suit their needs and lifestyle. “I want everyone to really sit down and process is this really the right thing that fits his or her life, but at the same time I want them to be in a relaxed setting where they know that they can express all their questions and concerns to me.”

The home office environment is much more conducive to patients being able to focus on thinking through their decisions and laying all their thoughts out on the proverbial table so they can feel completely confident with their decision to proceed with plastic surgery. The pace is never rushed or stressful here, as Dr. Teotia always makes it a priority to give patients 100% of her time and attention during appointments.

While occasionally we do need to perform more involved surgical procedures in a hospital setting depending on the scope, nature and duration of the procedure and the specific needs of the patient, most of our routine, minor surgical procedures can be performed much more comfortably in our own office. We always see our patients for consultations, pre-operative appointments and follow-up care at our comfortable home office location. The home environment of our office instantly puts patients at ease from the moment they set foot in the waiting room that is decorated as a cozy living room. From serene paint colors and lighting, to soft, comfy seating and whimsical throw pillows, we put extra effort into small design details to help remind patients that their comfort is our priority.

Our ultimate goal is for all of our patients to emerge from their procedures feeling as relaxed and pain-free as possible. “The vast majority of the time people walk out to the waiting area and tell whoever is escorting them ‘that really wasn’t so bad!’ and that’s what I want to hear from my patients, is that they have a pleasant experience here.”

If you have questions or would like more information about a cosmetic procedure, please come and visit Dr. Teotia for a consultation at our lovely Dallas home office located at 4231 Cedar Springs Road in the Oak Lawn Uptown neighborhood.