Dave Reversed His Sagging Chin

Retired Firefighter and Non-profit President

Motive: Wanting more chin-line definition, but not wanting people to notice he had anything “done”

When Dave had his Ultherapy session for his sagging chin and tired look he didn’t need any downtime. His face was flushed for about 2-3 hours then he went right back to life as usual. The next day at work he was shocked that his coworker’s couldn’t tell he had work done. “I was a fireman and those folks in the fire station they don’t miss a thing and they didn’t notice!”

He likes that Ultherapy built overtime with his look because he’s in the community regularly. “I’m around people all the time from kids to adults and no one could really tell that I had any work done. So it’s nice to have lipotherapy done to my face without everyone instantly knowing something happened.”

“After I had Ultherapy done the number one thing people would say to me is ‘ You’ve lost weight haven’t you?’ I mean it’s the first thing they said to me,” says Dave. “I hadn’t lost any weight. I think my face looked a little more toned; it had a lift to it. Another thing they were saying is your not tired.”

Dave encourages others to consider Ultherapy because it makes you feel good. “If you feel good you go out and perform better. It’s been taught through sports it’s been taught through competition through our society forever.” When the community started noticing how he looks it encouraged him to go back to the gym and eat healthy. “I love it!”

There is no down time after an Ultherapy treatment. Patients are able to get right back to their daily activities and after 2-3 months the benefits begin to show. “Then the people around you recognize it and it’s perfect,” says Dave.

Ultherapy is a non-surgical procedure for the face, chin, and neck that stimulates the body’s own natural healing process to lift the skin over time. The use of FDA-cleared ultrasound technology enables physicians, for the first time, to see and then treat the deepest support layers of the skin – typically addressed in cosmetic surgery – without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.
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