Medical Obagi Skincare Changes

Due to a change in Texas legislation, there has been some changes to the Obagi Skincare line that we offer in our office. Hydroquinone, an active ingredient found in Obagi’s products, has been banned for over the counter sales in Texas physician offices. What does this mean for our loyal Obagi customers? Basically, it means that we will still carry the Obagi product line, but that Dr.Beidler, as a physician, cannot sell any product with hydroquinone ingredients. Instead, she will write you a prescription for the hydroquinone to be filled at your local pharmacy.

Obagi has done it’s best to cater to its Texas customer’s needs. Obagi has replaced hydroquinone with another highly effective, yet natural extract called Arbutin. Arbutin contains a natural skin-brightening agent, and is clinically proven to improve the signs of aging. We will now be carrying Obagi’s FX system, the newly formulated system containing Arbutin. The FX system plus prescription hydroquinone shows maximum results over a 24 week period(versus the 18 week period that we had seen previously.) The good news the FX system brings is that Arbutin is 100% safe to use for extended periods of time. This makes formulating a maintenance program much easier, as you can continue the same regimen you will grow accustomed to.

Both Obagi and Dr.Beidler stand behind the new products and their ability to return to you the same level of results over a slightly more extended timeframe. If you have any questions or would like to speak directly with one of our skincare specialists regarding this matter, please feel free to call our office at your convenience.

If you would like to read more about the Obagi Nu Derm FX system see here :