Popular Plastic Surgery Questions

Dr. Stephanie Teotia has answered 254 answers to questions on RealSelf. Here are some of the more popular plastic surgery questions.

Q: Has anyone seen an implant with this extra growth on it? I had my implants removed due to one becoming hard on top. My implants are saline and were put in over 20 years ago without any problems until a 1.5 years ago when I had my first mammogram.

A: The body recognizes that a breast implant is a foreign object. Therefore, it walls off the implant by developing a capsule around it. Usually, the capsule remains soft and thin. However, it may become hard over time due to calcium deposits. This is not unusual if your implant was placed 20 years ago. A calcified capsule is usually removed at the same time as an implant. During the same surgery, the implant can be replaced (with saline or silicone) if desired.
Q: I have terrible cellulite on my legs and buttocks but I am also in need of liposuction in these areas. If I were to get cellfina first, would it be ineffective to get the liposuction in about a year?

A: I would suggest that you have liposuction performed before the Cellfina. Although liposuction removes fat tissue, it does not necessarily address cellulite. In fact, the cellulite dimpling is sometimes made worse by having liposuction performed on the legs.

Q: I have lupus. Can I still have breast implants?

A: The answer is most likely yes. However, there are risks involved. You have to balance out the risks and benefits of proceeding with an elective surgery that involves foreign objects being placed in your body. Certainly, you want to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will coordinate your care with the physician who manages your Lupus and prednisone.

Q: I had c-section exactly 1 year now. How long do I have to wait until I can have a tummy tuck?

A: You are a candidate for a tummy tuck now as long as you do not plan to lose a significant amount of post-pregnancy weight. Also, I would not proceed now if you plan to have more children.