Pros and Cons of Medical Travel

Traveling can broaden your horizons by allowing you to meet new people and change your perspective. With the increasing popularity of medical tourism, you may wonder if it’s better to go out of town to visit a plastic surgeon who performs your desired procedure, or look for one closer to home.

Consider these possible advantages and disadvantages of medical travel.

1. More Choice

One of the best reasons to go out of town for surgery is that you might have your heart set on working with a specific surgeon who has a reputation for being one of the best in their field. For example, Dr. Stephanie Teotia has pioneered techniques that allow her to perform safe, comfortable in-office facelift, neck lift, and blepharoplasty procedures, which not every surgeon offers.

While there are thousands of qualified plastic surgeons in the U.S., most of them have chosen to locate their practices in large metropolitan areas like Dallas. If you live in a more rural area, you may need to travel to find a surgeon who specializes in your chosen procedure. You may also be more comfortable discussing your cosmetic concerns with a woman, which could inspire you to search outside your home city or state if there are no skilled female plastic surgeons near you.

2. Ample Online Information

With medical travel, you might worry about feeling obligated to rush into surgery after investing time and money to meet with a plastic surgeon in another city or state. However, that outcome is more unlikely these days because so much information is available online, allowing you to take your time, explore your options, and create a list of potential surgeons from the comfort of your home.

Reputable physicians are transparent about the results they have provided their patients. For example, surgeons who are proud of their work should have a gallery of before-and-after photos on their websites. Online resources like RealSelf are also an excellent place to research plastic surgery procedures and read reviews online.

3. The Immediate Aftercare Period

Preparing for your recovery is an essential part of having realistic expectations. Before leaving home to pursue your surgical goals, ask your surgeon how long you will need to stay in the area for your initial healing period and when you may need to return for follow-up visits. You should also consider the possibility that you might not want to go out in public for a few days while you recover from your procedure.

If you decide to go out of town for surgery, your choice of provider becomes even more crucial. You will want to work with someone who is upfront about all the possible risks associated with traveling for your chosen procedure and is willing to stay in touch and answer all your questions even after you return home.

Things to Consider

Patients from out of state must travel to Texas to establish care due to medical licensing restrictions. Also, air travel may not be recommended following certain procedures for a minimum of three weeks following the surgery.

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