Ready for a Facelift? Dallas, Texas Expert Dr. Teotia Explains the Procedure

A facelift procedure is one of the most frequently requested facial plastic surgeries in the US. Aimed at reducing the visible signs of aging, facelifts improve the appearance of a youthful contour to the face. With the right surgeon, a facelift can help patients look and feel younger with a rejuvenated, rested appearance. For patients seeking a plastic surgeon to perform a facelift – Dallas, Texas plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Stephanie Teotia is a highly respected, award-winning leader in her field. Dr. Teotia and her experienced team focus on understanding every patient’s cosmetic goals while providing expert advice on the best procedure for each individual.

Determining whether or not a patient is a good candidate for a mini, mid, or full facelift is based on the location and extent of existing visible signs of aging. There are several causes to the sagging many patients experience as they age. Hereditary factors, environmental conditions, stress, and even gravity can cause the loss of contouring in the face. Men and women in good overall health who are experiencing sagging around the cheeks and middle of the face, deep creases around the nose and mouth, loss of proper skin tone, excess fat deposits and sagging around the jowl area are good candidates for surgical facelift procedures. A facelift can improve the appearance of these visible signs of aging and give patients a boost of confidence.

After a consultation, Dr. Teotia will be able to determine which facelift procedure is best for the specific issues the patient is concerned with. The mini facelift is ideal for patients with minor sagging around the jowls and chin causing poor contouring along the jaw line. The incisions are made behind the natural fold of the ear and/or where the ear meets the hairline. Excess tissue and skin is removed to improve the contouring along the jaw line. In mild cases, a mini facelift can be performed in the office under local anesthesia. The recovery time for this procedure is significantly shorter than more invasive facelift procedures.

The mid facelift focuses on the cheek and mid-face area. A youthful cheek is rounded and projects slightly outward, but when we age, the fat pad that causes cheeks to be round and full descends, elongating the lower lid and causing deep nasolabial folds. A mid facelift decreases the signs of this aging sign by restoring cheek height, increasing cheek projection, and shortening the lower lid to create a younger, rejuvenated look. Because the mid facelift targets sagging occurring in deeper tissues, general anesthesia is required. An incision is made behind the ear; then fat pads and tissues in the cheeks are lifted using sutures and the excess skin is removed. After a mid facelift, patients often return to work within one week and swelling decreases after several weeks.

A full facelift addresses the folds on the forehead, sagging of the mid face, poor eyelid contour, deep creases along the nose, and excess skin and fat around the jowls, chin, and neck area. In order to get the best results, full facelifts are often performed with a neck lift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and a brow lift. Incisions are made along the hairline, down the side of the ear, and at the back of the lower head, just below the chin. Fat pads in the mid-face and tissues are lifted using sutures, the skin is tightened, and excess skin is removed. Because more procedures must be performed simultaneously with the full facelift, patients can expect more bruising and swelling. Recovery for a full facelift is about two weeks, with bruising healing before the swelling.


The decision to have a facelift is ultimately a personal one. Dr. Teotia and her team are dedicated to providing knowledgeable, professional care based on every patient’s individual needs and cosmetic goals. Dr. Teotia is experienced and skilled in executing safe, impactful surgical facelift procedures so patients can enjoy a youthful, rejuvenated face.

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