RealSelf 500

Dr. Stephanie Teotia–a RealSelf 500. If you are familiar with the cosmetic treatment world, you probably already know exactly what that means; however, if you are just now diving into this unfamiliar realm, being a RealSelf 500 is a big deal, especially to this Dallas plastic surgeon.

RealSelf is a website that provides potential patients with information about treatments, including reviews of these treatments and the reviews on the doctors who complete the treatment. Essentially, RealSelf helps patients find the information that will answer all of their questions. Patients can ask for a doctor’s opinion or ask questions to be answered by one of the 13,000 doctors. The RealSelf 500 takes the top 500 of these 13,000 doctors registered with the website and features them here.

According to RealSelf, the RealSelf 500 are medical professionals recognized for “providing valuable insight for consumers who are looking to make informed and confident decisions about their health and beauty; [they] have taken the time to engage with the community, despite their hectic schedules and; they have an outstanding record of positive consumer feedback, empowering millions of people by providing expert information that extends far beyond a five-star rating.”

So what makes Dr. Teotia a RealSelf 500? To begin, just look at her ratings on Dr. Teotia has 5/5 star from all of her reviews. Just as RealSelf stated, it takes more than just the rating to make this list; just like any other doctor, Dr. Teotia lives a busy life, yet she takes the extra time and effort to ensure that her patients are a step above satisfied. Dr. Teotia provides her patients with invaluable insight and expertise when they are looking to make informed and confident choices regarding their personal health choices.

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