The Top Plastic Surgeon in Dallas for a Mommy Makeover

It’s undeniable that pregnancy definitely causes some significant changes in a mother’s body. Women who have had multiple pregnancies often experience more changes with each subsequent pregnancy. Naturally, there is a certain amount of weight gain that accompanies a healthy pregnancy. In addition to weight gain, some women experience swelling, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, pregnancy mask, linea negra, stretch marks and even wider feet!

Some of these pregnancy symptoms will resolve once the baby is born, but others can leave lasting effects on a woman’s post-pregnancy body. Even a normal amount of weight gain can lead to sagging skin and stretchmarks on the breasts and abdominal region. Women who gain more weight during their pregnancies are more likely to have more pronounced loose skin and stretch marks, even after they lose all of the “pregnancy weight.”

The joy and adrenaline that accompanies having a baby can distract a new mother from the changes her body has endured. However, even the most enamored mom often eventually begins to wonder if she will ever get her pre-pregnancy body back. This is a natural desire, and one that should not be thought of as vain or selfish. Feeling good about yourself leads to higher self-esteem, which in turn makes for a better parent and wife.

For those women who want to take action when it comes to their physique, there are options! Getting into shape through exercise and eating right is the first step to take. It is important for new moms to be kind to themselves and allow for at least nine months to a year to lose the weight they gained while pregnant.

Once excess weight has been lost, if loose, sagging skin is significant and bothersome, plastic surgery procedures can help. Many women have opted for a combination of procedures that has been dubbed the “Mommy Makeover.”

The areas addressed in a typical Mommy Makeover are the breasts and abdomen, but other areas can be addressed simultaneously depending on each individual’s needs and desired outcome. In general, breasts that have lost their shape and fullness due to weight gain and breast feeding can be lifted via breast lift. Some women also opt for breast implants if they have lost a significant amount of breast fullness – typically after multiple pregnancies. Conversely, if the breasts have become too large, a breast reduction can be performed in combination with a breast lift.

The sagging, loose skin left behind after the abdominal areas stretches to accommodate a growing baby can be addressed with an abdominoplasty – commonly referred to as a tummy tuck. The excess skin will be removed and abdominal muscles that have stretched or separated will be stitched together to create an internal corset. A new belly button will be surgically created to replace a stretched and sagging belly button.

If desired by the patient, excess fat in the abdominal area and flanks can be removed during a tummy tuck via liposuction. The ultimate goal of a Mommy Makeover is to give the patient a renewed sense of self that existed before pregnancy. Sagging, loose skin can never be “fixed” through diet and exercise alone. A Mommy Makeover is aimed at essentially “repairing” the damage done to the body while pregnant. Women who wish to undergo these procedures should be relatively certain that they are finished having children.