What Should Be Avoided After Breast Augmentation?

When conducted by an expert plastic surgeon, breast augmentation surgery offers many patient benefits. These include added volume and shape to the breasts, improved self-esteem and confidence, a more youthful appearance, and more pronounced curves and figure.

However, to realize proper healing, no complications, and the best possible results, patients must steer clear of certain things after breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline

A basic breast augmentation recovery timeline typically looks like:

  • First few days: swelling, bruising, discomfort
  • 4-5 days: can return to a non-strenuous job
  • 2 weeks: can resume light exercise (no heavy lifting)
  • 6 weeks: can resume normal activities (after gradual buildup)

This is a crucial time in the process of achieving optimal results, and for this reason, you must know what to do and what to avoid. 

What Should Patients Avoid After Breast Augmentation?

Things to avoid after breast augmentation include:

  • Heavy Lifting: Until cleared by Dr. Teotia, patients must not lift any heavy items around the house. Lifting large objects after surgery can be painful, cause bleeding, strain incisions, or even shift the implants. If you have young children, you will need to arrange for someone to help you with them until you have been cleared.
  • Smoking and Tobacco Products: Patients must quit smoking and using tobacco products several months prior to surgery. Due to its effect on the body’s ability to heal, smoking before breast augmentation (or any surgery) significantly increases the probability of complications and poor results.
  • Swimming: While it might be tempting once you have begun to feel more like yourself, you must avoid submerging your incisions in bathtubs, swimming pools, lakes, etc., until approximately 4 weeks after surgery. Swimming too early puts you at risk for infections. Additionally, swimming strokes can cause too much strain on healing tissues.
  • Sleeping Face Down: If you are used to sleeping on your belly, you may want to spend some time adjusting your sleep habits before surgery. We advise sleeping on your back, with your shoulders and head propped up with a pillow. Sleeping face down may cause implants to slip or shift to an incorrect position, which can cause various complications.
  • Wearing an Underwire Bra: We will ask you to wear a supportive (sports) bra for six weeks after surgery. It is vital that you wear this bra, not an underwire bra, as the wiring can irritate the incisions, cause a rash, and sometimes lead to infection.
  • Rushing the Recovery: While it can be tempting to return to everyday activities quickly, patients must understand that they must let their bodies heal. Not following the list of things to avoid after breast surgery (swimming, heavy lifting, etc.) can result in complications, compromised results, and other undesirable circumstances.

Patients should understand that this list is not comprehensive. Each patient should have their own personalized list of things to do and avoid after breast augmentation provided by their surgeon.

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