What to Expect With a Facelift in Texas

While plastic surgery results can be transformative for your appearance and self-confidence, many patients hesitate to get anti-aging procedures such as a facelift because they are unwilling to disrupt their busy schedules to commit to a lengthy recovery process.

As a mother of three and owner of a successful surgical practice, Dr. Stephanie Teotia appreciates this concern. In response, she has developed an innovative in-office facelift technique with less downtime, discomfort, and potential risk. Here is what you can expect from your customized Texas facelift.

What Happens During an In-Office Facelift?

Comfort and safety are two significant advantages of an in-office facelift. By performing facelift surgery in the relaxing, home-like setting of her office, Dr. Teotia can help you avoid the possible risks of undergoing general anesthesia. Instead, you will self-administer Pro-Nox, a 50/50 mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide.

Rather than traveling to a hospital or surgical center, you can enjoy less stress and discomfort throughout your in-office facelift experience. You can minimize any anxiety that might arise during the procedure by inhaling the Pro-Nox as necessary. This enables you to remain calm, composed, and pain-free. We will even put on your favorite music for you to listen to throughout your surgery.

When you arrive, Dr. Teotia’s surgical team will check your vital signs and take “before” photos. Once you have gotten dressed in a gown, robe, and slippers, you will go to the operating room, where Dr. Teotia will make her surgical markings and numb your face with local anesthesia.

Since there is no need to put you under with general anesthesia, Dr. Teotia will pause at the midway point of your two- to three-hour procedure for a lunch break. You can enjoy your choice of soup  before going back into the OR. After surgery, we will give you an ice-packed face compression garment to wear while you wait for your ride to arrive.

Benefits of a Facelift With Dr. Teotia

Dr. Teotia’s minimal access cranial suspension facelift provides an immediately noticeable lifted effect, letting you subtly improve your look on your terms. On average, she can make you look five to seven years younger with a mini-facelift. This procedure is much less invasive than a traditional facelift, and the people in your life will notice you appear naturally relaxed and refreshed without speculating whether you have had work done.

As a leading board-certified female plastic surgeon, Dr. Teotia understands the societal pressures placed on women to age gracefully, maintaining a timeless beauty throughout every age and stage of life. Since Dr. Teotia believes in forming genuine partnerships with her patients, she will never encourage you to make aesthetic changes based on someone else’s unrealistic standards and ideals.

Learn More About Partnering With Dr. Teotia for Your Facelift in Texas

Instead of rushing through the consultation and leaving you with unanswered questions, Dr. Teotia devotes a full hour to walk you through the benefits of in-office facelift surgery. Her approachable personality and friendly, all-female staff will ensure you feel comfortable making decisions about your well-being. 

At her Flower Mound office, Dr. Teotia welcomes new and returning patients from throughout the greater Dallas area, including the communities of Lantana, Argyle, Corinth, Justin, Highland Village, Lewisville, Bartonville, and Copper Canyon. If you are ready to take the next step toward loving how you look and feel after a Texas facelift, please contact us today.