Where on Your Body Can You Get Liposuction?

You might already be familiar with liposuction’s ability to tone, slim, and contour stubborn body fat, but you may not realize how many different trouble zones it can treat. Where on your body can you get liposuction, and what makes someone a good candidate for this surgical procedure?

Learn what you can expect from liposuction with Dr. Stephanie Teotia, how it works, and whether combining liposuction treatments might be an effective solution for you.

Will Liposuction Help You Lose Weight?

When considering liposuction, you should understand that it is not a weight-loss procedure. In contrast to bariatric surgery, which aims to help obese patients quickly shed pounds to improve their health, liposuction provides targeted body sculpting by removing diet- and exercise-resistant fat in specific spots.

For safety reasons, there is a limit to how much fat most experienced plastic surgeons will remove in one session. That is why you might not see a smaller number when you weigh yourself. However, you will have fewer fat bulges troubling you when you look in the mirror. Surgically removing these stubborn pockets of body fat might inspire you to maintain your new shape with a regular, long-term fitness and nutrition regimen.

Where Can You Get Liposuction?

Many people are genetically predisposed to accumulate fat in areas such as their neck, upper arms, thighs, hips, back, buttocks, and stomach. Often, this hereditary fat fails to respond to diet and exercise. Liposuction can permanently remove the fat cells in these spots.

If you opt to address several problem areas in the same treatment session, Dr. Teotia may recommend choosing spots that are close to each other. For example, if you have troublesome fat on your belly and buttocks, you might have them done in one appointment. Following a brief healing period, you should feel well enough to resume your regular routine.

Combining liposuction surgeries is an excellent approach for busy people. You will only need to take time away from work for one recovery period, and you can also save money on other surgical expenses such as facility fees and compression garments.

Best Liposuction Surgeon in Flower Mound

Dr. Teotia believes in taking a collaborative approach to plastic surgery, so there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter liposuction treatment. When you meet with Dr. Teotia, she will conduct a complete medical exam to ensure you are a good candidate for liposuction and that you have realistic expectations for what this procedure can help you achieve. Based on this thorough examination, Dr. Teotia can assess whether liposuction is best for you or if you would get better results from an alternative option.

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