Who is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Dallas for Cellulite Removal?

Although cellulite is perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of, minimizing its appearance can help boost your confidence to be more comfortable in your own skin especially as the swimwear season approaches. There’s no reason to be self-conscious about your cellulite anymore when there is now an effective, FDA approved cellulite remediation approach. When it comes to deciding who is the best plastic surgeon in Dallas for cellulite removal, keep in mind that Dr. Stephanie Teotia has years of experience in treating cellulite and is now proud to offer the FDA approved procedure, Cellfina.

While most people carry a certain amount of cellulite, it can be an aesthetic annoyance that most would prefer not to have. Cellulite actually has little to do with physical fitness and more to do with your body’s connective tissues, regardless of weight. In fact, the appearance of cellulite is so common that 85 to 95% of women over age 24 exhibit some degree of it. Even elite athletes in peak physical condition contend with some cellulite.

Identifying cellulite concerns

Many female patients in particular are concerned about the appearance of dimples over the hips, thighs and buttocks. To help counteract this common cosmetic conundrum, patients have traditionally turned to methods of fat removal like liposuction. While this can be an effective strategy to remove actual fat deposits, it is not the best treatment choice for cellulite alone as it does not directly address the appearance of cellulite. In fact, the cellulite may persist or reappear after liposuction. In the past, liposuction was the only option that most cosmetic surgeons had to offer their patients, even though it was not ideal for treating cellulite. But now, there are newer, less invasive and maximally effective techniques that specifically target cellulite available.

Combating cellulite with Cellfina

The most promising and successful treatment against cellulite is Cellfina. There are several distinct advantages to Cellfina. It is currently the only FDA-approved, clinically proven treatment that reduces the appearance of cellulite long-term—possibly even permanently. Because Cellfina is a relatively new procedure, it is not possible to promise life-long results just yet, but in the first three years of its use, patients have not seen their cellulite return. It is also non-invasive and therefore one of the safest cosmetic surgery procedures of all, as there are virtually no risks for serious side effects.

Most people are very good candidates for this procedure. It only takes about an hour and can be performed comfortably in-office, with only minimal discomfort and little to no recovery period. It is definitely the most efficient approach available to combat cellulite. Many competing procedures like Sculpsure and ThermiSmooth (a series of hot laser treatments) and Coolsculpting (cold and often uncomfortable “fat-freezing” treatments) need to be repeated time after time for up to six months just to produce results, while Cellfina produces maximum cellulite reduction after just one session, making it the easiest and most economical approach.

Dr. Teotia’s patients are always very satisfied with the dramatic, long-lasting results of Cellfina.

How it works

In the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Teotia, Cellfina is optimally effective. She has performed numerous Cellfina procedures and considers the treatment ideal for anyone who is a bit self-conscious about their cellulite. After meeting with Dr. Teotia for a consultation, you will return to the office at a later date for the procedure. The areas you are concerned about will be carefully identified and marked by Dr. Teotia and her assistant so they know where to focus their effort. Then, a local anesthetic will be administered to help make the experience more comfortable.

The procedure itself only lasts about an hour and utilizes a proven approach with proprietary, innovative technology that directly addresses the cellulite’s root cause: tight connective tissue bands interspersed throughout fat cells. This combination is what causes the dimpling appearance of cellulite over the thighs and buttocks, and why Cellfina works specifically by addressing the structural cause, not just the appearance of cellulite.

You will be able to return home the same day shortly after the procedure. While there are no specific restrictions to follow for recovery, you may feel like resting for the remainder of the day afterwards and may experience some mild soreness, but will not experience any intense pain. Appreciable results will become apparent within 1-3 days, with a maximum efficacy achieved up to a month later. Virtually the only potential side effect is some temporary bruising where the cellulite once was.

If you think Cellfina may be right for you, please come talk to Dr. Teotia and her staff about the procedure so they can address your specific questions. Patients who have undergone the Cellfina approach to cellulite reduction have all been very happy with their results and have had their confidence restored by this simple, one-time procedure.