Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer

October 1, 2016

breast cancer; plastic surgery; breast reconstructionBreast reconstruction attempts to restore a breast to near normal shape, appearance and size following a mastectomy.


Dr. Teotia strives to create a new breast that resembles a woman’s natural breast. Reconstruction is a highly personal and individualized process that requires extensive consultation with Dr. Teotia.


Karen first met Dr. Teotia two years ago following her breast cancer diagnosis. Here is her story…

I found out that I had breast cancer following my annual mammogram at the age of 59. I had never dreamed that this would happen to me. I ate well, breastfed my babies, and a doctor once told me that the breast cancer my mom had was not hereditary. I thought I was safe. A week after my mammogram, I kept getting this feeling that I had breast cancer. I would turn on the TV and there would be a commercial about breast cancer. I got into the car and turned on the radio. Holy toledo, the disk jokey was interviewing a gal who had breast cancer. When I was called in for the biopsy, I already knew what they were going to find.

Once they confirmed my suspicion, I wasn’t fearful. However, I did have a pounding headache. My first thought was it’s going to be all right. I just needed to figure out what to do next. While reading up on my diagnosis, my sister called saying, “Sweetheart, I’m going to leave work early. I just want to be with you.” I responded by insisting she did not come over. That’s when it became clear to me that this diagnosis was not just about me. It was about learning to trust the support of my friends and family members.

I chose Dr. Teotia to do my breast reconstruction because she had very high star ratings and I did not want to travel out of town (We first met in Midland). She had all the credentials I was looking for. After I met her, we were able to create a beautiful bond. I knew that I wanted her to take care of me throughout this process.

Before I could undergo the breast reconstruction procedure, I first had to get a mastectomy. I opted for a double mastectomy without nipple sparring since I carry the BRCA cancer gene. Once the double mastectomy was completed, Dr. Teotia put in the expanders as well as four drains. For many weeks, I would go to her clinic to get a saline fill, which increased the size of the expanders. About every four hours the drains had to be emptied, which my amazing husband assisted with. My friend even made me an apron with pockets for the drains. Six months later, it was time for the next step of my breast reconstruction. I opted for the High Profile Silicone Implants. I am still in the process of the nipple reconstruction procedures.

My life has changed a lot since the procedure. I’m very thankful for my healing journey. As I’m drinking my morning coffee, I reflect on all the goodness in the day. Going through cancer has taught me that each day is a blessing that is often overseen due to business. I now have eyes and ears to see all the blessings.