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Breast Lift & Reduction in Dallas, TX with Dr. Stephanie Teotia

Gravity, pregnancy and weight changes can change the size and position of your breasts. If you are happy with the size, but not the position of your breasts, then a breast lift may be your answer. A breast lift (mastopexy) carefully raises and reshapes your breasts to a more youthful position, without necessarily placing implants.

Another fantastic option, breast reduction surgery, intentionally reduces the size of overly large breasts and places them higher on the chest wall. Many women with large breasts have back and neck pain, grooves in their shoulders from bras and other symptoms. It is ultimately up to you to decide what your breast goals are, and we are here to help!

Dr. Stephanie Teotia, a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Turtle Creek, Oak Lawn, and the greater Dallas area, is ready to partner with you as you take a big step towards the new you. As a family woman, businesswoman, educator, and surgeon, Dr. Teotia fully understands that maintaining a work-life balance can be a challenging thing for women in the area. Because of this, she knows your time is valuable and that you are looking for someone you can trust. With your best interest in mind, she will develop the plan that best suits what you are looking for in a cosmetic procedure.

Contact her caring, all-female staff today at (214) 823-9652, or schedule a consultation to learn more!

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Why Choose Dr. Teotia for Breast Reduction and Lift?

When you choose to partner with Dr. Teotia, you’ll enjoy some distinct advantages:

Natural-looking results

Dr. Teotia prides herself on delivering natural-looking results. She will plan your procedure with you to give you the realistic results that you want to see.


Dr. Teotia listens to her patients and tailors her cosmetic improvements to meet their needs. She strives to give each patient the look they want, rather than taking a general approach to plastic surgery.

Skill and expertise

Dr. Teotia uses some of the most advanced techniques in her practice. Her state-of-the-art approach gives long lasting results while reducing the risk of infection and speeding recovery.

What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift raises the breasts by removing excess skin, repositioning the nipple, and reshaping the underlying tissue. Breasts that have sagged and flattened are lifted and rounded in a breast lift. Even without adding volume, precisely reshaping the breasts gives them a plumper look and a firmer feel. The option of also placing a breast implant also exists and can usually be performed during the same surgical procedure. In some cases, the areola size may also be reduced. Most of Dr. Teotia’s patients undergo the operation to gain a more uplifted, younger-looking profile.

Why Might I Consider a Breast Lift?

Our patients choose Dr. Teotia for their breast lift surgery to gain a more youthful, attractive appearance that is uniquely tailored to address what they want to correct. A breast lift can greatly help you if you have:
  • downward-pointing nipples and areolas
  • nipples that are positioned below the crease under your breasts
  • asymmetrical or unusually shaped breasts
  • stretched breast skin or expanded areolas
A breast lift can improve the shape and uplift of your breasts. Whether your breasts have had their current form since puberty, or if they have lost their shape because of pregnancy and breastfeeding, significant weight loss, or simply the aging process, Dr. Teotia will help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Let's Start a Partnership!

Dr. Teotia believes during every aspect of your aesthetic journey, trust and communication are essential. When you choose to partner with Dr. Teotia, you can expect a personalized approach from a specialist who genuinely has your best interest in mind. She invites you to meet with her and our friendly, all-female team to learn more about what we can do for you.

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What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size of the breasts by removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin. The procedure also reshapes the breasts to give them a firm, rounded, and uplifted profile. For men who also have excessive breast tissue, a condition known as gynecomastia, breast reduction surgery can also correct this problem and restore a more masculine chest.
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Why Might I Consider a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction can bring both physical and emotional benefits. Reducing the size and weight of overly large breasts can:
  • relieve chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • clear up skin irritation below the breasts
  • eliminate painful indentations from the pressure of bra straps
  • open you up to more, and better-fitting, clothing options
  • enable you to become more physically active
  • give you a more positive self-image and greater self-confidence

Patient Stories

I was uncomfortable with my [breast] size but extremely scared of the surgery. I had met with other doctors, but ultimately chose Dr. Teotia because she made me feel comfortable and relaxed and she gave me the reassurance that I needed. The surgery went wonderfully and I had a quick recovery, with my scars healing beautifully. Dr. Teotia truly cared about me and how I was doing, continually checking up on me post-surgery. A lot of doctors say you don’t have to stay the night in the hospital, but I highly recommend it, especially if you are getting a reduction. Now, I am living without the pain and confident in my body all thanks to Dr. Teotia.

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How Is a Breast Lift or Reduction Performed?

Dr. Teotia performs breast-lift and breast-reduction surgeries under general anesthesia. Depending on your unique procedure plan, Dr. Teotia will choose from four incision options:

Dr. Teotia will remove excess skin and fat inside of your breast and may also reposition your nipple and adjust the size of your areola. If needed, she can also use liposuction in conjunction with your breast-reduction surgery to remove additional fat. Dr. Teotia and her team will then close the incisions with sutures, adhesive, or surgical tape to minimize any visible scarring.

Surgery takes from two to three hours depending on the extent of the surgical procedure. Once you wake up from sedation, you can usually go home, although some patients elect to stay overnight at the hospital. You will need a friend or family member to drive you home and someone to stay with you overnight.

What to Expect in your Breast Lift or Breast Reduction Recovery

In the first few days after breast-lift or breast-reduction surgery, you are likely to experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising. Dr. Teotia will prescribe pain medication as needed and will provide you with supportive garments or a surgical bra.

You should plan for a full week of downtime after the procedure. You’ll want to arrange for help around your home during this time, especially with lifting anything heavier than five pounds and reaching for things above your head. You also will not be able to drive while you are taking pain medication.

Unless your job involves strenuous activity, you should be able to return to work in one to two weeks. After about two weeks, you’ll be ready to start back to light activity and exercise. By six weeks, you can resume your regular level of activity and exercise.

Dr. Teotia will provide detailed instructions for your recovery and happily answer any questions you may have along the way. After all, when you partner with Dr. Teotia, you get a surgeon who will stick with you throughout the entire process.

FAQS: About Breast Lift or Breast Reduction

You’ll see a change in the shape of your breasts right away (and in their size, with a breast reduction), but it will take a few weeks for swelling to go down and a few months for the tissue to settle into its new position. It will also take several months for your scars to mature. Your results will last for years, and you can extend them by maintaining a steady weight and wearing well-fitted bras.
The best candidates for breast-lift or breast-reduction surgery are healthy, non-smokers who are close to their ideal weight. If you smoke, you’ll need to quit for a duration before and after your surgery. Beyond those criterias, Dr. Teotia can advise you whether the procedure will benefit you when you meet with her for a consultation.
It is possible that you will still be able to breast feed, but it is less likely after having surgery on your breasts. Be sure to ask about this in your consultation with Dr. Teotia if it is a concern for you.

Yes. If your breasts sag and you wish they had more volume, you may want to consider combining multiple procedures together. In your consultation with Dr. Teotia, she can tell you if a combined procedure might benefit you.

A breast lift is considered cosmetic and will not be covered by insurance. It is sometimes possible to have a breast reduction covered by your insurance carrier. Dr. Teotia’s staff will review your insurance plan with you and help you determine if you could be a possible insurance candidate.

While a lift can go a long way toward improving your breasts’ profile and youthful position on your chest, it will not significantly change the size of your breasts. If you are already happy with your breast size and symmetry, you can get a lift as a stand-alone surgery. If you would like your breasts to be smaller or larger, talk with Dr. Teotia about adding a reduction or augmentation.

As with any surgery, the incisions associated with a breast lift or reduction may result in scarring. The crescent technique leaves minimal scarring that will naturally hide in the pigment changes between breast skin and the areolas. Other incision patterns may leave thin horizontal or vertical scars on the breasts. These scars will fade over time and should become much less prominent by the one-year anniversary of your surgery. If scars are a concern for you, ask Dr. Teotia about skin care solutions for minimizing scarring.

We ask that you refrain from heavy lifting or strenuous activities for at least two weeks after breast surgery. However, during your recovery period, we encourage light walking to stimulate your circulation and speed the healing process. By the six-week mark, you should be fully back to your regular routine.

Your total price tag depends on the technique Dr. Teotia chooses to use and the specific circumstances of your procedure. Separate costs involved in your surgery include pre- and post-op appointments, anesthesia, surgeon’s fees, surgical materials, bandages, and administrative expenses. If you wish to pay for your breast surgery over time, we can help you apply for financing.

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More and more patients throughout the Dallas area are choosing Dr. Teotia for her incredible results, care, and partnership. Our team genuinely cares about our patients and want you to gain the look you’ve been dreaming of! If you are searching for “breast reduction and lift near me,” invite you to contact us today at (214) 823-9652 to schedule your consultation.