Can You Fix Sagging Breasts Without Implants?

Throughout your life, hormonal changes, gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and lost skin elasticity will affect your breasts’ appearance. These differences may be subtle at first, but eventually, you may wonder what happened to the cute, pert breasts you used to take for granted.

You already know that breast augmentation can enhance your breasts’ size and projection. However, you might not realize there are alternative options for women who feel they already have sufficient breast volume. If your breasts appear elongated and flattened, with downturned nipples, an expertly performed breast lift can help you achieve a perkier profile.

Do You Need a Breast Lift?

Many women who are unsatisfied with their breasts’ shape and positioning can expect excellent results from mastopexy surgery, also known as a breast lift. As you age, your body will naturally produce less collagen and elastin – two proteins that are essential for providing structure and resilience. Due to this loss, you may notice skin laxity in various areas, including your breasts. Gradually, your breasts will begin to sag in response to lifestyle factors and the inescapable downward pull of gravity.

Though larger-breasted women will likely experience these changes earlier in life, even women with naturally smaller breasts might want to consider this procedure to improve their breasts’ projection, position, and symmetry. One way to tell if you are a good candidate for a breast lift is to gently lift one breast and place an object like a pencil inside your breast crease. If the object stays in place when you take your hand away, you likely have a sufficient degree of sagging to merit a lift.

What Happens During a Breast Lift?

Dr. Stephanie Teotia performs breast lift surgery in Dallas as an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia. According to the specific surgical plan she has designed for you, Dr. Teotia will elevate your breasts by removing excess skin and fat and reshaping the remaining tissue. If necessary, she may also resize enlarged areolas and reposition your nipples to sit higher on the breast mound.

If you are uncomfortable with your breasts’ size, Dr. Teotia can add a reduction to your lift. Dr. Teotia and her team will then close the incisions with sutures, adhesive, or surgical tape to minimize any visible scarring. Once you wake up, you are free to go home, but you will need a responsible adult to drive you and stay with you for at least the first 24 hours after surgery.

Benefits of a Breast Lift

Even without adding any extra volume, Dr. Teotia’s advanced breast lifting techniques will restore youthful characteristics such as plumpness and firmness. Here are some other perks you can look forward to after getting a breast lift or reduction.

  • Improved posture: Often, women with drooping, deflated-looking breasts hunch their shoulders to hide their appearance, leading to postural issues and skeletal strain. Once you have had a breast lift, you can stand up straight with your shoulders and neck correctly aligned.
  • Extra clothing options: Flat, pendulous breasts can make it challenging to find a comfortable, supportive, well-fitting bra that doesn’t chafe, pinch, or dig deep grooves into your shoulders. You may also gravitate toward roomy, tent-shaped tops to camouflage the extent of your breasts’ sagging. After your surgery, you can enjoy wearing a broader range of clothing styles.
  • More confidence and comfort: Many of our breast lift patients are thrilled to find they no longer have to worry about issues like pain during exercise or chafed skin underneath their breasts. A breast lift will give you the freedom to live a more active lifestyle with improved self-esteem.

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Every woman is unique. Dr. Teotia uses her experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon to develop a customized surgical plan for each patient. Start your journey toward better breasts by reaching out to us today.