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A woman smiling while accentuating her cleavage

How to Enhance Your Breast Augmentation Results

Breast augmentation remains one of the most sought-after plastic surgeries in America year after year. Whether you are considering breast enhancement as part of a mommy makeover, to correct volume loss, or because you want to feel sexier and more feminine, this surgery can help you achieve those goals and more. Here are our top… Read More

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What to Expect After Immediate Breast Reconstruction

Before undergoing breast reconstruction surgery, you may find yourself with many concerns. Will my reconstructed breast appearance feel natural? What technique is right for me? How long and challenging will my recovery be? No matter how much time you devote to preparing mentally and physically for your surgery, you may still have questions. Here is… Read More

Dr. Stepanie Teotia: Female Plastic Surgeon in Dallas with All-Female Staff

The instant you pull into our parking lot, you will immediately notice that the practice of Dr. Stephanie Teotia is unique. Located in a cozy cottage in the Oaklawn/Uptown area, we are dedicated to providing a comfortable experience for our clients. One of the most remarkable aspects of our practice is that we are entirely… Read More