How Can I Expect My Neck Lift to Look Over Time?

Over time, skin can lose its elasticity as aging takes its toll. While many people take steps to protect their facial skin from the cumulative effects of sun damage and wrinkles, they may neglect the equally vulnerable skin on their neck. As a result, your neck may age more rapidly, making you look years older.

If you are tired of wearing scarves and turtlenecks to draw attention away from your neck and jawline, you may wish to consider a neck lift to restore smooth, youthful contours for an elegant, enhanced appearance.

What Can a Neck Lift Do for You?

When performing a neck lift, Dr. Teotia will use her skill and experience as a plastic surgeon to simultaneously resolve multiple concerns:

  • Skin laxity that creates the appearance of jowls or a turkey wattle
  • Neck banding
  • Unwanted fat deposits leading to a double chin
  • Lack of definition between your jawline and neck
  • Marionette lines that pull the corners of your mouth down

If you are struggling with any or all these issues due to the effects of time and gravity, this straightforward procedure is worth considering.

What Happens During and After a Neck Lift?

Dr. Teotia has innovated an in-office neck lift procedure that reduces the risk of complications. She can refine and rejuvenate your neck through a combination of liposuction, skin removal, and muscle tightening via tiny, discreet incisions hidden behind your ears or under your chin. These will heal nearly invisibly without detracting from your improved appearance.


Dr. Teotia’s neck lift patients enjoy an average recovery time of about a week, with reduced activity levels lasting approximately two weeks. While you heal, you will need to follow all your post-surgical instructions diligently. This includes caring for your incisions and returning for a follow-up appointment to have your stitches removed. It is wise to ask for extra help around the house, especially if you have young children.

Long-Lasting Results You Will Love

Many people ask if they can do any exercises or make specific dietary changes to tighten loose skin and lose unwanted fat such as a double chin. However, once the signs of premature aging set in and gravity starts to take effect, surgical intervention is the only way to fully address the lax skin and weakened muscles that lie at the heart of your concerns.

If you are in overall health, do not smoke, and find that your neck looks older than your face, you may be an excellent candidate for a neck lift to define your jawline and create smoother, youthful-looking skin.

Often, Dr. Teotia’s patients enjoy dramatic, natural results for many years after their neck lift surgery. This is especially true if they continue using moisturizer and sunscreen and following a healthy lifestyle. However, you may wish to combine a facelift, brow lift, or eyelid lift with your neck lift for more comprehensive rejuvenation.

The Flower Mound Area’s Neck Lift Specialist

If you are searching for the best neck lift surgeon in Flower Mound, trust Dr. Stephanie Teotia and her friendly, all-female team to provide outstanding results with a patient-oriented approach. You will feel informed, supported, and cared for at every stage of your journey toward an improved appearance and higher self-confidence. Connect with us today to schedule your virtual or in-person consultation!