How Do You Sleep After Breast Augmentation?

As a leading female plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephanie Teotia understands the cosmetic concerns many women deal with. She uses some of the most advanced breast augmentation techniques in her practice and takes a friendly, patient-first approach to put you at ease. A crucial part of preparing for a major plastic surgery procedure is knowing what to expect during the recovery process, including how to get a good night’s sleep after breast augmentation.   

Finding the Best Sleeping Position after Breast Augmentation

For the first several days after your breast augmentation surgery, we suggest sleeping on your back in a slightly elevated position that helps improve blood circulation and minimizes swelling. It can also make it easier for you to get in and out of bed without straining your arm and chest muscles.

If you usually prefer sleeping on your side or stomach, you may want to start “practicing” sleeping on your back a week or so before the surgery. That way, you might have an easier time getting comfortable enough to drift off to sleep while you are recovering from breast augmentation surgery. 

In bed, use extra pillows to provide the support you need, placing one pillow under each arm to prevent you from rolling over in your sleep, and another under your knees to keep your back aligned. You may find it more comfortable to sleep in a recliner in the initial stages of your recovery if you have that option.

Other Tips for Improving Your Sleep in Recovery

Sleep is your body’s opportunity to repair and restore itself, so getting a full night of restful sleep is particularly essential while you are healing from surgery. If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, you can create a relaxing pre-bedtime routine to signal to your body that it’s time to go to bed. After dimming the lights, you can unwind with some calming activities like drinking chamomile tea, meditating, or listening to instrumental music. We recommend avoiding technology – the screens of devices like laptops, phones, and tablets emit a blue light that can interfere with your body’s sleep cycle. 

Even in the earliest stages of breast augmentation recovery, it’s crucial to get up and move around periodically. Light movement benefits your circulation as you heal, plus it can help improve your joint and muscle strength. At first, you may only have enough energy to walk around your home a few times per day, but as you feel better, you can start taking longer walks around the block and incorporating light stretching exercises. Getting more activity during the day can improve your ability to fall and stay asleep at night.

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