How to Decide If Otoplasty Is Right for You

If you have prominent, asymmetrical, misshapen ears or overly stretched earlobes, otoplasty surgery may restore your self-confidence by improving your ears’ shape, position, and proportion.  

Here are some reasons you might consider getting this surgery as an adult.

1. Damaged Earlobes

If you’ve stretched or torn your earlobes from years of wearing gauges or heavy earrings, Dr. Teotia can repair them during your otoplasty procedure. She can reshape your earlobes to a more natural appearance, suturing them back together in a way that minimizes scarring. Once they heal, you can get your ears pierced again if you wish and have fun showing off various fashionable earrings.

2. Limited Hairstyle Options

Do you use your hair to camouflage your protruding ears? Some styles and cuts may draw more unwanted attention to a part of your appearance you would prefer to leave covered. With otoplasty, Dr. Teotia can open up a new world of hairstyle choices that allow you to express your personality.

3. Ear Injury or Birth Defects

If you have experienced an ear injury or were born with a congenital deformity such as lop ears, underdeveloped ears, or ear asymmetry, Dr. Teotia can help improve your appearance and self-confidence with otoplasty surgery.  

4. Long-Held Goals

Some children who grow up with large or differently shaped ears struggle with bullying and self-esteem issues. While ear surgery during childhood has many benefits, it might not have been in the cards for you if your parents were unaware of the possibilities. While we do not conduct pediatric plastic surgery, many of our adult ear surgery patients have dreamed of getting this procedure for decades, eagerly anticipating the time when they could finally improve their appearance.

What to Expect During and After Ear Pinning Surgery

When performing otoplasty procedures, Dr. Teotia will make incisions either behind each ear or within the natural folds in front of the ears to conceal scarring. Then, she will remove or reposition cartilage and skin as needed to provide your desired results. Finally, she will suture and bandage the incisions.

When recovering from your otoplasty, you will need to follow all provided aftercare instructions, including wearing specially designed headgear and sleeping sitting up for several nights to protect your incisions as they heal. We also ask that you avoid vigorous cardio and weightlifting workouts until Dr. Teotia clears you to resume them.

Your Dallas Otoplasty Partner

If you are seeking to transform your appearance with plastic surgery, partnering with an experienced, board-certified surgeon gives you the best chance of attaining an outcome you can be thrilled with. Dr. Teotia is a leading female plastic surgeon serving the greater Dallas area and located in Flower Mound. She and her friendly, all-female team are proud to combine compassionate care with a patient-focused approach. Contact us today to schedule your ear reshaping surgery consultation.