What Happens If I Get Pregnant After Breast Augmentation?

If you are still weighing your breast augmentation options, you may be wondering about how to time your surgery. Should you have this procedure before starting a family, or wait until after you are no longer planning to have children? Or, what if you have already had breast augmentation and are worried about how a future pregnancy might affect your implants?

While having breast implants does not prevent women from getting pregnant or carrying a healthy baby to term, the changes that happen to your breasts during pregnancy may significantly affect your appearance for the long term. Here is what you need to know. 

How Pregnancy Affects Your Breasts

Whether you have implants or not, pregnancy will likely transform your breasts even faster and more dramatically than going through puberty. Pregnant women have elevated estrogen and progesterone levels, and these hormones are responsible for many of the differences you will notice.

Besides having tender, heavier breasts, pregnant women often go up one or more bra cup sizes, and many women also experience darker or enlarged nipples and areolas. Stretch marks may develop on your breasts in response to rapid growth.

If you opt to breastfeed, you can expect additional fluctuations in your breast size and shape, as breast milk production can stretch the tissues even further. After you wean your baby, the milk-producing structures inside your breasts will shrink back to the size they were before you became pregnant, which could leave you with a deflated-looking bustline. Factors such as age and skin elasticity can affect the degree to which this occurs.

Should You Consider an Explant Procedure, Breast Lift, or Reduction?

If you have noticed your breasts are no longer as perky as they used to be after pregnancy and breastfeeding, you may want to consider breast implant removal or a breast lift/reduction procedure. The goal with these surgeries is to help women adapt more gracefully to the lifestyle changes that happen over time.

With age, your priorities can shift, and you may find yourself wanting smaller breasts for various reasons. Having enlarged, heavy, or pendulous breasts can be embarrassing and prevent you from participating in high-impact sports or fitness activities like running. You may also have trouble finding comfortable bras or clothes that fit correctly. 

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephanie Teotia understands all these concerns. She will partner with you to create a surgical plan to address your wants and needs, whether that includes:

  • Breast lift and augmentation
  • Breast lift and reduction
  • Breast implant removal
  • Breast implant removal and breast lift
  • Breast implant removal, replacement, and lift

Start Your Breast Surgery Partnership Today!

If age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding have affected your breast profile and silhouette, plastic surgery can deliver life-changing benefits. The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for any of these surgeries is to contact us to schedule a private consultation. Dr. Teotia and our caring, all-female staff are ready to deliver a highly personalized level of service to everyone who walks through our doors, in an environment that prioritizes patient care and comfort.